Ian Quarry


American Rules

American Rules - Ian Quarry - Brink City Crime

The rules are very simple. It’s either business, or it’s not.

When tough-as-nails PI John Rader takes the call from Yvonne Thornwood, he’s already into a dead-end case and glad of the change of scenery. But Yvonne isn’t a regular client, and this isn’t a regular job. Left in tatters by a sadistic ex called Skylar Marquis, Yvonne pays Rader for any dirt he can find. Hurt the guy enough to mess with his world? That’s no easy assignment when Skylar is a man who gets to live by his own rules.

First there’s the bubble he inhabits as a millionaire celebrity. Second there’s his security blanket of thugs, always alert to a stranger asking questions. And there’s his mobster associates.

Then Rader learns a gang of heisters are in town to rob Skylar’s casino—that they’re crazy enough to believe they can get away with it. Getting in with amateurs is not good business by anybody’s rules, but it’s all Rader’s got before time runs out to make things right.

Rules, or no rules. It’s all the same thing to John Rader.

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