Ian Quarry


Feeding The Beast By Ian Quarry - Brink City Crime

Good men are hard to find.

When tough-as-nails PI John Rader almost takes a bullet on another dead-end job, he figures his night can’t get any worse. Then he meets Meagen Lopez, whose sister, Linda, is trapped in a world of drug money and dirty cops. Reaching Linda is no routine assignment though—not when her boyfriend, Tom Usher, is the wealthy, older type, used to getting what he wants. But Usher isn’t a typical sugar daddy. He’s the biggest beast in the baddest crime syndicate in town.

For Rader, getting anywhere near Linda risks mob attention, and no amount of money is worth that. It doesn’t help that Rader knows his client, Meagen, is a pawn in an escalating feud between Usher and deadly city rival, Paul Gallo.

Then, just as Rader begins to make the connection to Linda, his client disappears, forcing her sister to choose loyalties before it’s too late for them both.

Two clients, two sisters—twins—who both want the same thing: the other’s safe return.

And John Rader is the only man who can help.

The John Rader novels can be read in any order, but FEEDING THE BEAST is numbered 3rd in the series.

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