Ian Quarry

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth By Ian Quarry - Brink City Crime

Surviving is only half the battle.

A routine assignment for PI John Rader turns deadly in all the time it takes to fire a gun...

When Rader accompanies his latest client, Joe Markham, to a business meeting with some men from Sage County, Arizona, the last thing he expects is an attack that leaves Markham dead, and his own name at the top of a syndicate hit list. For Rader, getting out alive is only half of it. The rest is finding out why somebody wanted him taking a dirt nap before the day got old.

That somebody is mob boss Lou Scarano. Down in the desert wastes of Sage County, it’s always a bad idea to annoy Scarano. Rader’s client was just another irritation for him—a small-time business guy who wouldn’t do what he was told. Rader, though, is a loose end Scarano can’t afford—better not take the chance.

If Rader decides that getting out of Arizona is the answer to his problems, then he’s wrong. Dead-wrong.

The John Rader novels can be read in any order, but SCORCHED EARTH is numbered 5th in the series.

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