Ian Quarry

Pack Rats - Book 1

Pack Rats By Ian Quarry - Brink City Crime - Order online at Amazon

In Brink City life is cheap. It just seems valuable.

When mob boss Paul Gallo sends two of his guys out of town to make a delivery, a chance encounter sows the seeds of an escalating blood feud with a disgruntled local rival, legitimate businessman Mitch Caxton. Caxton’s clean public image and popularity as a charity giver complicate the issue – even as pressure builds from Gallo’s scheming underboss, Kenny Donato, to whack Caxton for the sake of the crew.

In Book One of the Brink City crime saga, the clock is ticking for Paul Gallo as he juggles the fallout from a crew vendetta, a power struggle within his own empire, and new danger from an old enemy.

Pack Rats... Business. As usual.

This novel, made up of five sprawling novellas, is a vast, dark, and bloody mob saga for people who love The Godfather, Goodfellas, and The Sopranos.

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