Ian Quarry

Dead Money

Dead Money - Ian Quarry - Brink City Crime

Couple of guys about to underestimate John Rader. Big mistake.

All Rader wanted was some downtime. But when an ex-client, Sam Nixon, calls up asking for help, Rader is already tiring of the easy life. The job is in Las Vegas, and to get it done he’ll have to face small-time drug dealers, big-time mobsters, Polish muscle, and a dancer with a pistol on her nightstand. Business as usual for a man like Rader, then.

But his dealings in the desert town trip a switch back east in crime central USA, Brink City, unleashing a hell that awaits his return. Just when Rader thinks he’s closing the file on the Nixon job, he discovers there’s no such thing as neat and tidy in his line of work.

First there’s the wrath of Police Chief Gertz, whose previous war with Rader didn’t end well for the department. Then there’s the racketeer Jay Rattray, who lost a cousin to Rader, and whose brother now rots in prison. And there’s a third complication: Jill Goldblatt, Rader’s on-off girlfriend, is suddenly in harm’s way.

They misjudged Rader once before – who would be so dumb as to actually do it twice? Not a good idea if you want to stay healthy. Not a good move at all.

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