Ian Quarry

The Author

Brink City Crime Book Series by Ian Quarry

Ever since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed crime books and movies, full of challenging characters and people who, in real life, we might seek to avoid. I welcomed the complexity, the warts-and-all realism of their tough lives, and the idea that their stories offered no easy answers or tidy resolutions. As an adult, I find myself wondering sometimes if much of what we’re served up on TV, in Hollywood movies, and of course in books, hasn’t gotten a little too safe, too one-dimensional, and that the people responsible haven’t already decided what we should think, and how we should feel, before we even get there.

So maybe there is a part of me that occasionally requires something as shiny and dependable as a family story. But the rest of the time, I want my fiction edgy and raw. And if you enjoy tense, gritty, dark tales of mobsters and their friends, then I think you’ll like these books.

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