Ian Quarry

The City

“John Rader frowned as he gazed into the broad valley, left to right. If this was Brink City it looked like a giant black bug clawing at a flat gray landscape. The skyscrapers at its heart thrusting out like insect antennae, and the thin sweep of outlying districts the invertebrate legs and wings.”

Brink City, USA…

This saga of raw, tough American noir books features a rogues’ gallery of characters, led by the antihero mob boss Paul Gallo, who for his sins gets to be the big dog in a city where every day presents a dangerous challenge. Also walking these dark streets in his own spin-off series is private investigator John Rader, who is not part of any tribe, and who prefers to operate alone.

This is an ongoing series, every novel, every story adding to the whole. There are no stand-alones.

Book One in the series due spring 2019. Sign up now for notifications.

Brinky City Map

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